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About this box

The ultimate 'Ti Punch awaits, along with the cool refreshing Irish Mint Julep and more. Not just for after dinner, these recipes are perfect for any occasion. We've curated these drinks to make home-mixology a breeze. Just add enthusiasm!

Inside the box

Roe & Co. Whiskey

Belsazar Vermouth Red

Clément Rhum VSOP

Van Nahmen Cherry Juice

Van Nahmen Apple Juice

Sampling Ms. Betters Bitters

Rhum Clément Glass

Belsazar Tumbler

Urban Bar Drop Spoon

Included Recipes :

‘Ti Punc

Irish Julep

Cherry Sour



Vieux Cafe

Clément VSOP Rhum Vieux Agricole:

The superb alchemy of pure, natural rum from sugarcane juice matured in the world’s finest oak barrels orchestrated by the Cellar Master gives Clément VSOP Rum its brilliant mahogany colour, roasted bean aroma, and illustrious smooth, mellow character.

Roe & Co. Irish Whiskey:

A new premium Blended Irish Whiskey, named in honour of George Roe, a true pioneer of Irish Whiskey. Refined, elegant, and with remarkable depth, a masterful blend of rich malt whiskey and the smoothest of grain whiskey aged in bourbon casks. Creamy, delightfully fragrant on the nose. A taste with notes of soft spice and mellow spun sugar along with warm hints of spiced pears and woody vanilla. Lingering and gentle, ending with a light creaminess on the finish.

Belsazar Red Vermouth Apéritif:

Fully-bodied & bittersweet. An abundance of complex aromas. Vanilla, candied orange, bitter chocolate, and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove combine to leave a sweet impression, offset by a bitter hint of wormwood.

Mrs. Betters Aromatic Bitters:

A batch of 42 classic aromatic style bitters made with 48 classic trade route spices and botanicals.

Van Nahmen Cherry Juice:

The juice shows a brilliant and dense ruby ​​red colour in the glass. On the nose, you can see a multi-layered bouquet of juicy ripe sour cherries, marzipan and a hint of Mediterranean herbs, dark chocolate, and black pepper. The juice looks almost dry on the palate because the delicate sweetness is balanced by mouth-watering acidity.

Van Nahmen Apple Juice:

The bouquet looks refreshingly tart and fresh. The nose shows aromas of a late ripe, thick-skinned apple with nuances of apple leaves, anise, and lemon zest. The palate is enlivened by crisp, fresh acidity, and the restrained sweetness tickles the fruity autumn aromas and nuances of rum pot again. A robust tannin gives the necessary bite in the reverberation and leaves a pleasantly structured, almost grainy mouthfeel.


“There are no rules to cocktails and many more to be
discovered so have fun, experiment but please drink responsibly, even at home.”

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