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About this box

Amarino Fizz? A Forest Spritz? An extra special Negroni? Master these recipes and be inspired to create your own with our Alchemist Box. You'll be balancing bitter, sweet, herbal, and fresh flavours like a professional mixologist in minutes… Get the ice ready!

Inside the box

Tanqueray 10 Gin

Belsazar Vermouth Dry

Nonino Amaro

Zonin Prosecco

Van Nahmen Riesling Juice

Van Nahmen Rhubarb Juice

Sampling Ms. Betters Bitters


Included Recipes:


Spring Forest Spritz


The 75

Amarino Fizz

Dry Martini Cocktail – 1920’s version

Prosecco Zonin:

The grapes are gently squeezed and carefully pressed to extract only the best quality juices before production even begins… just a part of the attention to detail that ensures true quality at Zonin.

Tanqueray 10:

THE ONLY GIN TO BE INDUCTED TO THE SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION HALL OF FAME. Passion and attention to detail in the perfect measure is a recipe for exquisite results. Tanqueray Nº TEN, named after the stills of its origin, is small-batch gin crafted using fresh citrus fruits. An exquisite citrus burst in every sip, best enjoyed with premium tonic water and a slice of pink grapefruit.

Belsazar Dry Vermouth Aperitif:

Dry & distinguished. The aroma of summer fruits, chamomile, and a hint of fresh yeast take centre stage, followed by bitter notes of gentian, Seville orange, cinchona, coriander, and anise.

Amaro Nonino:

Obtained from the union between Antonio Nonino’s ancient recipe and the experience of the Nonino family in the Art of distillation. Born in Friuli, Amaro Nonino is the result of the Nonino alchemic art enriched by a blend of exotic botanicals. Aged in barriques this is elegant and balanced, with an extraordinary bouquet of herbs, fruits, and spices.

Van Nahmen Rhubarb Juice:

The juice glows neon-like and strawberry-coloured in the glass. The intense bouquet exudes aromas of sun-warmed, ripe, and crispy-fresh rhubarb. The taste is reminiscent of the freshly cut stems that have just been sugar-coated. A tart freshness invigorates the palate, and the brilliant, clear aroma lights up again in the finish.

Van Nahmen Riesling Juice:

The juice shines brilliantly and golden yellow in the glass. The nose shows complex aromas of ripe boskoop, caramelized lemon zest, elderflower, and a note that is reminiscent of freshly baked gooseberry meringue. The taste is clearly sweet, and only in the finish does a crisp acid revitalize the palate. With its strong grape sweetness, the juice can be enjoyed very well as a spritzer.


“There are no rules to cocktails and many more to be
discovered so have fun, experiment but please drink responsibly, even at home.”

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